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Celebrating 5 years of Professional Organizing services to Chicago area homes, professionals, and offices.

Ready to get organized? Overwhelmed by clutter? Hire Chicago's expert organizing professional, Pooja Naik, to maximize your space and minimize your stress.
Pooja will personally help you solve problems by devising creative & customized solutions that fit your personal & professional organizing needs.
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You Can:


• Maximize your space
• Minimize your stress
• Save time and increase productivity
• Profitably bring order and efficiency into your workflow
• Be assured of an experienced, friendly, sensitive professional organizer

Please contact your personal and professional organizer, Pooja Naik,for a complimentary, half-hour consultation for your home or office. Learn more about our organizing specialties:

Home Organizing:
  • Closet, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garage, Basement, Kid’s Room
  • Eliminate Clutter
  • Space Maximization
Home Office Organizing:
  • Home Office Set-Up
  • Create Filing Systems and Paper Management
  • Develop Mail Systems • Maximize Space
Business Organizing:
  • Business Office Set Up
  • Filing Systems and Paper Management
  • Clutter Control
  • Creating Processes and Maintenance Plans
  • Organized moving – Permanently eliminating clutter
  • Organized unpacking and arrangement of contents
  • New home or office set-up
Special Needs:
  • Organizing for clients struggling with ADHD, MS, Anxiety, Depression
  • Customized organizing systems and planning routines
  • Whether it’s a Chicago condo, home, or apartment, Pooja is ready to help you get your place up to speed.

Pooja Naik is also a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and follows their code of ethics. NAPO Pooja is also a member of the Greater South Loop Association. Greater South Loop Association
Organizing With You™
I hired Pooja to help me organize my home office that was fast becoming a fire hazard. Pooja spent about 6 hours with me helping me organize my office. She has a great system for organizing that is easy to follow and remember. She very personable and customer service oriented. She tries to make the organization process as pain free as possible. I would highly recommend her services.
Organizing With You™
I hired Pooja to help me organize my office and files and to prepare for an audit. She was fantastic, always arriving punctually with a huge smile and eager to get down to work. While she often thinks outside the box to come up with creative problem-solving ideas, she also approaches problems in a very systemized way. I was thrilled with the results and will definitely hire Pooja again when needed.
Organizing With You™
Pooja has been a godsend! My office got out of control a long time ago and I had just been dealing with it. Unfortunately, it was all the while zapping my energy and stifling my business. When I started getting my home ready for the arrival of my first child, I realized that I needed to get control over my office. I wanted it done fast, as stress free as possible and done right!

After a couple of session with Pooja, I now have a clean and highly functioning office. I am extremely happy with the results! My files are streamlined and organized and I feel very confident that the systems that we put in place are going to keep my space clutter free. I can now sit at my desk and focus on creating success in my business!
Organizing With You™
What a great experience I had with Pooja! She helped me tackle a “monster” project that was 5 years in the making and helped me get organized in only 2 sessions! She helped create a solution that I could manage and maintain a key to staying organized! It was a great experience and would recommend her services highly. Thanks Pooja! You’re the best!
Organizing With You™
My business office has a great view of Lake Michigan, but the rather spacious interior was piled high with papers, the drawers were filled with forgotten files from the Reagan era, and the credenzas were hopelessly cluttered with old pictures, tchachkes and mementos.

A less talented and resolute organizer might have turned and run upon first sight of this mess. Pooja, to her credit, went right to work, undaunted by my skeptical attitude and the mixed feelings with which I approached this seemingly gargantuan task, representing the accumulation of 25 years of service to the same firm.

Within three sessions, using a methodical step-by-step manner, showing the instincts of a drill sergeant, yet the kindness and understanding of someone who knows how painful it is to throw out materials one has no memory of but clings to nonetheless, Pooja had reworked my entire office. The shelves were organized, the counter-tops neat, and the files finally made sense. Working with Pooja is a gift; she is well worth the reasonable cost of her services.

My office now draws envious stares from my still-cluttered colleagues. I am now able to work efficiently and effectively as never before. I am very grateful to Pooja and her Organizing with You entity for doing such a great job revitalizing my office environment and by extension, me!
Organizing With You™
Pooja‘s passion for organizing is contagious. Thank you for making the time to help me
transform my home!
Organizing With You™
Pooja is an expert at office organization and she comes with ideas that help get the job done in a timely manner. Pooja is a pleasure to work with and she is courteous, punctual and respectful of her clients’ privacy.
Organizing With You™
Fantastic job Pooja! I have just started my own virtual assistant business and I felt so uncomfortable in my home office. It was difficult to focus and to find things in my office.

I met Pooja at a networking event a few weeks and when she said she was an organizer, I knew we would work together. We worked for two sessions, lasting three hours each and my office looks and most importantly, feels, great!

Her drive and determination to get the job done was phenomenal and an example to me that once you decide to do something, stay focused and stick to it! You’ll be glad you did.

Her advice on keeping my office neat and functional was right on! I now have entries on my calendar to regularly go through my mail bins and filing so that it doesn’t ever pile up again!

Thanks Pooja! I look forward to working with you again!
Organizing With You™
“Pooja came to my home/office and helped me organize the cluttered mess throughout my workspace. She spent time explaining how she was going about my organizational plans and helped me execute those plans. I find it to be very helpful to learn how to manage my workspace through Pooja’s recommendations.”
Organizing With You™
“Pooja was a pleasure to work with as we moved through a large organization project – her expertise was very evident as was her ability to set up new but sustainable systems to stay organized. I would highly recommend her and will indeed hire her again.”
Organizing With You™
“Pooja was a very effective change agent and has made a very positive difference in how I organize my office space.”
Organizing With You™
Pooja is an outstanding provider of personal organization services.  She has whipped our home office into shape; gargantuan paper piles have dwindled into manageable and well-organized files.  We could not have accomplished this without her help, particularly in such an efficient and effective manner.
Organizing With You™
“Pooja N. is very personable, highly efficient and effective. She had some good suggestions and also flexible to incorporate my needs and ideas.”
Organizing With You™
Wonderful and personable!!  Pooja worked with me & my families needs and came up with a great functional office/scrapbooking area & play area for my toddler and baby.  They love it! She makes it work for you and your personality.  Can’t thank her enough…I know where to find my pens!! =)
Organizing With You™
“Pooja was great to work with. She provided our family with a usable system to keep us organized and made our room a place we all want to spend time in. She is very personable and I was instantly comfortable working with her.”
Organizing With You™
“Thanks, Pooja, for your help in organizing my spare room! I can’t believe it was all done in three hours. My husband came home and was so impressed. He called you the Magic Lady. Having thing in order and everything in its place helps me to think clearer. Thanks so much, Pooja!”
Organizing With You™
“Pooja did, in 2 hours, what I failed to do in years….add order to chaos and functionality to some long neglected space.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who needs to tackle any challenging organizing job.”
Organizing With You™
“I was looking for help getting organized in my condo. Pooja asked questions and understood the challenges prior to the in-person visit. She worked quickly and efficiently and had a number of great ideas. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get organized. She will make a difference!”
Organizing With You™
“As a professional organizer, Pooja Gugnani provides a unique service that I am certain many people may not know even exists, and yet is likely to be an incredible driver of both personal and professional productivity. Pooja is able to be come to your home or office, ask you some simple questions about your workflow or daily activities, and assess how your physical surroundings can help you live and work more effectively. Pooja helped me in my home by seeing the clutter that I had accumulated; I just didn’t know where to start to even get rid of stuff. She not only rolled up her sleeves and helped me just get to work, in the living room, my closets, bookshelves, kitchen, but she also devised a system to sort my incoming mail and develop an action plan to *prevent the clutter from re-accumulating. This is the kind of system that you can learn and run with long after you’ve met with her. She believes in focusing on what’s important to you: filing, kitchen, living area, closets, you name it. The best part is that she will continue to work with you, revise the system, scrap it if necessary, and is flexible in working with your schedule, for maintenance appointments or even on the phone/ email/ Skype for accountability. In fact, I’m not done yet, and I am glad I have Pooja to help me continue to organize!”
Organizing With You™
“I hired Pooja to help us organize our kitchen shortly after we moved-in to a new apartment. Within minutes Pooja had innovative ideas about how to create a better flow for our kitchen. What we learned from Pooja will help us organize other areas of our home on our own.”
Organizing With You™

“I work from home and needed help turning my laundry room into more of a work space/studio.  I have been trying to accomplish this myself for MONTHS, but I would become so overwhelmed I woudn’t get anywhere.

After a quick assessment of my space, we worked together to create a quick ‘plan of attack’ and we soon dug in and went right to work.  She was very sensitive to time and didn’t want to waste a minute.

Pooja’s process is very organized as well.  After viewing pictures of my space, she suggested some items for me to purchase to have on hand during our organizing time…I loved that I had useful items handy, and even ended up returning most of what I purchased because we repurposed items I already owned.

She offered helpful ideas and thought processes that I can (and do!) apply to other areas of my living and working spaces to help keep things in check moving forward.

I am now able to fill orders quickly and more efficiently.  Not only is everything organized, but also placed in a location that is ‘smart’.  I don’t have to take one step to package an item because everything is at arm’s length.  No more walking from one side of the room to the other, or pulling things out of a box (and never putting it back).”

Thank you Pooja!
Organizing With You™
”Pooja had the task of helping me organize my daughters’ toys and art supplies, which were taking over our main level. She was great to work with and had some very practical ideas for helping us declutter and keep things under control. I really appreciated that she took the time to look at pictures of our space before our appointment. She recommended some supplies to have on hand, and based on that I was able to get the process started before she even came. I was very pleased.”
Organizing With You™
“So I just had my floors in my house redone as well as some painting. I have to admit that I’m not a very organized person generally, but with the construction work around the house for the past 3 months, it was OUT-OF-CONTROL…yep, the entire house. Introducing Pooja. YAY!!!! In 3 hours we completed 2 rooms and the before and afters are astounding! I highly recommend her services to get anything in order, office, kitchen, bedroom, basement or all of the above. It’s amazing because although my entire house needs organizing and we only did 2 rooms, I am well on my way to organizing my entire house. You learn the tips and techniques that will keep the organizational ball rolling. Would I use her services again? YES!!!…except I won’t need to because I know what to do and I’m teaching my husband and son what to do to help me!”
Organizing With You™
“Ms. Gugnani has been a joy to work with on both occasions in which I have utilized her services. I feel each time she accomplished more than I had dared hope and assisted me in finishing matters that had been undone for far too long.”
Organizing With You™
“What a great idea…  Organizing With You helped me to take my boxes and boxes of bills, medical records, receipts, etc from the past (eek) 5 years (?) and shred, sort, and organize everything!  I now have a great system set up so that even someone as completely unorganized as me can easily file and sort papers.

Pooja was very professional; She contacted me via email with clear pre-visit instructions (what to expect, what supplies I might need), and she arrived on time and was a pleasure to work with.  Most importantly she was patient.  I was really anxious/nervous about having someone who was clearly an organizational expert come into my mess of a condo.  She was completely understanding and did not at any point make me feel embarrassed for my lack of organizational skills.  She was here for three very productive hours, which went very quickly.

I would definitely recommend this company.  Pooja made what felt like a completely unmanageable situation (5 years of crap!), completely manageable… and most importantly, set me up for success in the future.  She didn’t fix me (I’m still disorganized – some might say ‘creative’), but she did teach me some tricks to improve and she DEFINITELY made me much more organized than I was before.  It feels great!”
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