Professional Organizer & Efficiency Expert Pooja Naik is available to do presentations on various organization topics to groups and businesses. Anything from the the causes of disorganization, the process of becoming organized, time management, to clever organizing tips & tricks can be addressed in these presentations. Below are some of the organizing topics covered. Please note that presentations can be customized to specific requests.



•  Time Is Money!

Why do we need time and how to set clear objectives to utilize time effectively and increase productivity?


•  Getting Organized Works For Everyone!

Unique organizational strategies to function better in your physical space despite mental health struggles or challenging life transitions. 


•  Too Busy To Organize!

Change your approach to organizing and learn how to go from piles to files

•  Crossing All The T’s!

Time management and goal setting for the small business

•  Beat the Clock: Organizing Your Time!

How to stop procrastinating and gain the time to do the things you really want to do.

•  Your ROI For Being Organized!

Disorganization costs you time and money. Learn how to calculate what your ROI is by being organized!

•  Group Seminars

•  Lunch ‘n Learn Presentations, for Employees, Entrepreneurs

•  Company Retreats

•  Special Events

•  Mini to Half-Day Presentations Also Available



•  Mind Over Matter!

How to change your mind set before changing your physical space. 

•  Organization 101!

The ABC’s of organizing; the process, steps and maintenance. A little bit of everything related to organizing.

•  The Paper Dilemma!

Learn what to keep, what to let go of. Get trained on how to tame the paper monster!

•  Taming The Clutter!

Step-by-step tips for identifying & eliminating clutter, including piles of paper.

•  Spring Organizing!

Spring is a great time for cleaning and organizing. Expert tips to get your home in shape this Spring.

•  Start Early: Organizing With Your Kids!

How to teach your kids the value of organization and imparting organizing skills to them. Learning how to set an example!

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