Guest Blogger # 12; Entry # 1; March 27, 2012

Our blogger today Ashyia Hill, shares with us how to upgrade your child’s room while keeping costs low. Read more…



Your child’s room starts out as an expression of your own personal tastes, since your baby or toddler isn’t old enough yet to really make choices about his or her room. As your child grows, though, he’ll want to change his room to suit his new interests and tastes. Giving your child some control over his own personal space is a great way to make him feel more comfortable in his room and, possibly, to take better care of it, too.

Choose Color over Themes

Themed rooms are all the rage for most kids. Little girls have princess rooms, and little boys have action figure rooms. The problem is that if you want to carry a theme all the way through, you have to buy everything – new furnishings, bedding, lamps and other accessories, window dressings, border for the walls, etc. It can get really expensive, and your older child isn’t going to want a themed room for long. When planning your child’s next room upgrade, work with color instead and work her own personal interests into the room with framed prints or posters and a few inexpensive accessories she picks out. Paint isn’t all that expensive, so your child can change the paint color every few years. For younger children, it’s a good idea to be part of the paint-choosing process, but older kids can be trusted to pick out their own paint color.

Invest in Sturdy Furniture Basics

As soon as your child outgrows his nursery set of furniture, it will be time to pick out new furniture. It’s really tempting to get fun beds for your little one, invest in some sturdy basics – a dresser or two (depending on the size of the room and the available closet space), a desk, a bed, and a night stand are about all most kids need. Yes, you’ll end up paying more in the short-term for this basic furniture, but it will also last your child through college. If you’re on a tight budget, charging good furniture on your credit card can actually be a good option. If you find good credit card deals, the card can give you better financing – and can be better for your credit in the long run – than store financing from a furniture store.

Upcycle, Upcycle, Upcycle

With the eco-friendly and living-on-a-budget movements that are running in society today, upcycling – taking something old and refurbishing it or repurposing it – is really popular. You can find tons of ideas online for upcycling bedroom basics, such as picture frames, lamp shades, and even furniture. Chances are likely that you can take basic accessories that are in your child’s room now and change them to suit the new room rather than replacing them completely. Many blogs specialize in giving readers new ways to upcycle furniture, lighting, and more, so check online for great ideas you can use in your child’s room.

Giving a child a space to call his own becomes increasingly important as your child gets older. Even if two siblings share a room, each sibling should have autonomy to choose aspects of the room, rather that be creating a little private corner that each gets to decorate or choosing individual bedding. As your child changes, so will her needs and expectations for a room. Luckily, you can use these five steps to keep room upgrades for your children within your budget.