Guest Blogger: Save Money, Repair Your Own Blinds

Guest Blogger # 9, Entry # 1, December 22, 2011

Today’s guest blogger Sarah Oxley gives us a little DIY article on how to repair Venetian blinds on your own and save money.


Sometimes blinds need repairing but do you really want to waste your money on calling a professional or buying new ones? It’s so easy to do yourself, especially with this handy guide.


Replacement slats

Replacement lift cords

A window-sized work surface, i.e. large table

Ladder tape or ladder string

Scissors or utility knife. If working with wooden Venetian blinds then you will need a wood saw.

Lower the blind. Unclip the blind from the brackets and carefully remove. Place the blind on your working surface.

Remove end caps and the cover of the bottom rail. This exposes the ends of the lift cord and knots or clips securing it. If the blind’s ladders are being replaced then disconnect them now. If not, just disconnect the ends of the lift cords.

Replacing Slats: Pull the lift cords through the slats until you can remove the damaged slats carefully out of the ladders. Feed the replacement slats onto the ladders, before feeding the cord back through them. Reattach the lift cords to the bottom rail by tying or clipping them into place.

Replacing Lift Cords: Pull cords up to the head box. There are two pulleys at head box, pull the cords out of these pulleys, and feed the new cord into the head box. Pull one end of lift cord through the first pulley, then slowly feed the other through the second pulley. Feed the cords through the slats and secure them to the bottom rail.

Replacing Ladders: Position the new ladders near your blind. They act as a framework. Slide the pull cords out of the slats, and then slide the slats out of the old ladders and into your new ones. After removing the old ladders from the head box, attach the new ones to the tilt tube head box and bottom rail. Feed the lift cords through the slats and ty or clip them to the bottom rail.

Reinstall end caps and rail covers, and hang up the blind.



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